Customer Service

After Sale Service

1.     The warranty provides the right to repair and specifically not to a product's exchange or return.

2.     The warranty only applies to the product that has been purchased from an authorized Dealer.

3.     The warranty is only applicable in the country or territory where the product was purchased from an authorized Dealer or Distributor, and excludes any product that has not been purchased as new.

4.     The official purchase receipt must be presented with the original warranty card with completed information on the other side, when services are rendered. An official stamp of the Dealer with the date of purchase on the warranty card is also accepted if the purchase receipt was lost. Warranty card will not be reissued.

5.     A warranty claim can be made at the authorized Dealer where the product was purchased, or Distributor.

6.     During the warranty period, Distributor will repair or replace, at their sole option, any defective parts or any parts that will not properly operate for their intended purpose with new or repaired parts if such replacement or repair is needed.

7.     The warranty may not be applied if product is severely knocked or bumped.

8.     The Dealer or Distribulor will not be liable for damage to the product arising from the delivery process. All costs of returning the product to the Dealer or Distributor must be done by customer.

9.     The warranty does not apply to:

i. Damage caused by wear and tear, misuse, abnormal use, improper handling or storage, accident, abuse, negligence, use of defective accessories, unauthorized modifications, alterations or repairs, improper use of any electrical source, non-compliance with instructions or lack of maintenance, commercial use or other acts which are not the fault of Distributor or manufacturer.

ii. Damaged from external causes such as floods, storms, fires, sand, dirt, earthquakes, and Act of God, exposure to sunlight, weather, moisture, heat, or corrosive environments, theft, electrical surge or damage caused by the connection to other products not recommended for interconnection in the user manual.

iii. Any product that has a serial number defaced, removed, erased or altered.

iv. Any defect occurring after the expiration of the warranty period.

v. Loss of warranty card.

10.   The rights of issue and termination of this warranty belongs to Distributor or Combi. For any uncertain or doubtful cases, after examination, Distributor or Combi has the right to refuse the issue of or to terminate this warranty.

11.   Repairing service cannot be provided when there are no spare parts for discontinued items even if it is within warranty period.

12.   The replacement of a part in a product does not entitle you to a further warranty period on that part. You will be entitled to make a claim against the warranty during the remainder of the warranty period applicable to the original product.